The icon in our logo is represented by 5 buildings. These buildings represent the 5 core values we have at Elgin City Church. These are not in any particular order, but exist to identify our distinctions and what makes us unique as a faith community:

1 . Authenticity
We value being authentic. Contrary to trying to blend in, we are trying to stand out with all we do for God.

This means
We DON’T pretend to be perfect.
We DON’T copy people.
We DO be transparent with our faults and weaknesses.
We DO create and take risks.

2. Mission
We exist as an organization for the people that are not here yet. We are constantly thinking, praying and creating our plans with those who are unreached in mind.

This means
We DON’T use language that people don’t understand.
We DON’T cater to the demands of a spiritual few. 
We DO invite people.
We DO go.

3. Excellence in Worship, Devoted in Prayer
We value developing a personal and corporate lifestyle of fervent prayer. It’s where we seek direction, action and miracles. We see worship as a lifestyle and its our highest priority.

This means
We DON’T only worship on Sunday.
We DON’T limit expression.
We DO sing, dance and shout. 
We DO prepare. 

4. Growth
We believe in more disciples (numerical) and better disciples (substance). If we are really a disciple-making community, then we should see exponential growth in every area of our lives.

This means
We DON’T limit size. 
We DON’T avoid commitment.
We DO use tools to develop leaders.
We DO go deep.  

5. Presence
We put a high value on the tangible, manifested presence of God. We believe that we gather not just to learn good information, but to encounter the living God together who is involved in our daily lives.

This means
We DON’T rush.
We DON’T program. 
We DO value feelings.
We DO expect encounters.