There are many wonderful churches in the Fox Valley area! What I love about the church is the variety of different churches that are available for everyone to attend. God is truly multifaceted in His essence, displaying the wonderful qualities of himself within His body, the Church. Some churches are have been in existence longer and are larger in size. They have many ministry programs for you to chose from to get involved with. Some churches are smaller, organic and more relationship driven. They may not offer lots of groups to be a part of, but they do offer a closer knit community where your known and appreciated.

Because we are a new church, we are starting from a small group of Jesus followers. The good thing about being a smaller group is that it allows us to put a high priority on really getting to know someone. Have you ever been a part of a church for a long period of time and found yourself wondering if you’ll ever really connect with anyone? For some people, sitting in the back and blending in is ok. But remaining anonymous, consuming without giving or just “showing up” won’t allow for much personal spiritual growth to happen.

We believe that being a true follower of Jesus means being committed to discipleship. The reality is that discipleship occurs, not in the crowd, but in a smaller, close knit context. Programs, production and systems all have their place, but should never take the place of a handshake, a hug or looking someone in the eye and getting to know them.

We are small, but growing and we don’t plan on staying small for long! However, our vision is to see new churches birthed all over the world. To see people come, grow up in Christ and send them out into the world. To plant seeds of Kingdom communities that God can use to change neighborhoods, cities, communities and nations.

If you’re interested in building relationships with like-minded believers, consider joining us for a Sunday gathering. I know that you’ll love it!

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