Elgin, Illinois- Today

Elgin City Church, a new church starting in Elgin, is planning their first Sunday service open to the public on Sunday, January 4th at 11:00 am. After meeting since May of 2014 at the Elgin Centre twice per month, the small Christian group reached out to Chris Mau, owner of Blue Box Cafe, seeking a new, creative space to host their weekly Bible Study on Sunday mornings. The church seeks to reach the young, spiritual community of Elginites that normally wouldn’t attend a service in a traditional church setting.

10311372_658174927565429_2135926602958085800_n“We are in the beginning phase of building our faith community so there are no stages, lights or gimmicks here. What we offer is a place of freedom for people of all stages of life to explore their faith and grow.” says Pastor Russell Wimberly. Russell is a alumni of Judson University, a four year Christian college located in Elgin where he studied Christian religion and philosophy. “Sometimes our bad experiences with churches have caused set backs in our spiritual journey. One of our policies is that no perfect people are allowed here. If you’re looking for a perfect church, you just won’t find one.”

Russell didn’t always have such a strong faith. Growing up without a father in his life resulted in a life filled with anger, bitterness and in turn he made mistakes that cause much heartache. It wasn’t until he attended Judson University in 1996 that a small group of Christians encouraged Russell in his faith and he experienced the healing and freedom from the broken heart he had. “I am just a person that has been healed by Jesus and wants to share this good news of forgiveness and restoration with everyone else!” says the 38 year old pastor.

The church expects to outgrow its Blue Box Cafe location fairly quick within the next 6 months. In the future they would like to launch:

Youth programs, teen outreach events

Food pantry and financial empowerment classes
English learning cafe for Spanish speaking adults
Artist showcase and gallery exhibitions
Business development workshops

To find out more about Elgin City Church you can visit their about page at http://elgincitychurch.com/about-ecc/. You can allow follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

About Elgin City Church: Elgin City Church is a new church in Elgin, Illinois that is a connection source. We simply exist to  help people connect to a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 2:10) We also, exist to connect to each other in community and bring along anyone else we can. (Rom. 12:10)

Our Vision: To be a sending church where we take God’s love beyond the 4 walls of a building to where people are. We also invite people to “come and see” what Jesus is about. We see ourselves becoming a multiplying, vibrant, network of “city groups” that meet weekly in homes that eat together, share together, serve together and pray together. (Acts 2)