Probably one of the most popular questions I get when I tell people about our new church in Elgin is “Why a new church? Doesn’t Elgin have plenty of churches already?” After all, hasn’t Elgin been known in times past as the “city of churches”?  This is a great question that needs to be investigated. Here are my thoughts:

Elgin certainly has many great and wonderful churches. That being said, there is a great need for new, vibrant, life-giving churches to be planted in Elgin. Lets address this from a practical stand-point. The Churchfinder website lists approximately 76 churches listed in Elgin. Lets just say the seating capacity for these churches is about 300 (some more, some less). That would mean that if these churches were absolutely full every single Sunday we would be reaching about 22,800 people. Sounds like a lot of people – but there are 110,000 people living here! So what do we say about the 87,200 other people we aren’t reaching? Don’t their souls matter to God too? Even if every church in Elgin were full to the brim, we would still need more churches in Elgin to minister to the rest of our community that doesn’t know God. These are approximate numbers, but you get my point. According to the book, Church Planting Movements in North America – 80% of churches in America are not even growing, they have reached a plateau or are in decline.

Another reason why we are starting a new church in Elgin is simply because different churches will reach different people. Not everyone likes a traditional, stained glass style church. Nor does everyone appreciate a large, mega-church with smoke machines and canned lighting. The church with big “C” is so vast and diverse that we need different styles of churches to express the total wisdom of God to the world. We need ethnic churches, traditional churches, house churches, hip hop churches, all different styles of churches to reach all different types of people.

Most importantly, we are a group of people who have encountered the living God who has rescued us and changed our lives so radically we can’t hold it to ourselves. We MUST share this great news with others. These are the reasons we are starting a new, life-giving church in Elgin! Why not pay us a visit? We are casual, informal but serious about our faith. We are rooted in Scripture, but filled with the power of the Spirit, living life together and encouraging one another on the journey.