The Holy Spirit Still Exists Today

Sometimes the Holy Spirit feels like the red headed step child of the Trinity.
We don’t hear much or see much of His activity in our lives or much less in our churches today.
More than ever we need to not only understand the Person of the Holy Spirit, but allow Him to take control and lead us in every facet of our lives.
We will be teaching a series in May on “Walking in the Supernatural” which is comprised on teaching from the Bible about having a relationship with the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to work through you.

Forgotten God: Becoming a friend of the Spirit – 5/1
Lightening and Thunder: Hearing the Voice of God – 5/8
Abiding in Him: Fruits of the Spirit – 5/15
Power: Healing, Signs and Wonders – 5/22
Spirit for Mission: The Apostolic Ministry 5/29

This is going to be a series you won’t want to miss! Make sure you invite a friend or family member that is seeking a supernatural encounter with a supernatural God!