Looking for a great place to catch up with friends, grab lunch or try something new to eat? Here we offer up some of our favorite spots to eat in Elgin. This is not an exhaustive list, but a few of the “must tries” in the downtown area that have been impressing us lately:

Chooch’s Pizza

One of our favorite pizza places in Elgin. Everyone has their favorite way pizza is made and Chooch’s does ours best! Love their sauce and crust. They have a great atmosphere and a nice back patio to enjoy when the weather will cooperate. They also have a great selection of entree’s to try.

Dog’s Paw

Dog’s Paw has only been open a short 6 months or so, but has been delivering on the food for sure! Their burgers are flavorful and always taste fresh. I’ve also tried their cob salad and cleaned my plate it was so good! The other day I decided to stop in for lunch and was wowed by their chipolte pulled pork sandwich. When I say WOW, I mean WOW! They are a bit higher on the price, but they deliver on flavor!

Blue Box Cafe

Anyone who knows me, knows this is my spot. They have great coffee, great sandwiches and friendly staff. What is not to love about this Dr. Who themed deli? I’ve tried most of their lunch sandwiches and they have yet to miss the mark. I’ve become daring and started building my own sandwich and its tasty every time. The atmosphere is friendly, they have a few chairs for outside seating. Beware, this place gets packed and lunch time and you will leave smelling like bacon. (Not that its a bad thing necessarily).

Elgin Public House

Great food and great selection of beers. They have lots of international beers on their menu here and the staff is very knowledgeable when it comes to craft beer. One of my favorite selections on the menu here is the potato crusted cod sandwich or the Cajun chicken sandwich. It’s my go to item on the menu. I’m a bit disappointed to see the “gambling machines” in the restaurant. I feel like it breaks up the family atmosphere, but the food is so good I can deal with it.

Los Comales Taqueria

When it comes to tacos and burritos, Elgin can offer up some authentic places to find some. However, you have to feel safe and the food needs to be fresh. Los Comales has been by far the best taco and burrito place we’ve tried in Elgin. The staff is friendly and the food is tasty. Of course, the burritos are football size, but they aren’t greasy or watery like some of the others we’ve had. We highly recommend this place for authentic, fresh Mexican food on the East side.

Like we said, this list isn’t exhaustive, but these are some of our favorites that we just had to share! There are plenty more places to try and feel free to comment below and leave us your own suggestions. Enjoy what Elgin has to offer.

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