What to do when you feel like your drowning?


Every night is story time with my daughter. I have to admit, she loves books and at only 2 years old thats probably a good thing! One of the books we pulled out last night is the story of Jesus walking on the water from Matthew 14:22-33. The book is wonderful because its an actual pop up book and she loves to touch the pictures and look at Jesus walking on the water through the pop up features of the waves on the page.

Sometimes the storm isn’t on paper or in a book though, its in real life and we feel like we are drowning trying to navigate over to the shore of calm waters. Perfect weather in life is never promised to us. In fact, we can be sure that if we aren’t in a storm right now in our life, we are certainly headed into one at some point. The storm looks different for all of us, but has similar affects. It’s easy to become gripped by fear by the waves, thunder or lightning that accompanies these squalls.

In this particular story of Jesus, he calls Peter out of the boat and to meet him out on the water. Peter, being the confident, brash man he was, took Jesus up on the challenge only to find himself sinking quickly. In my daughters pop up book it tells us “Peter saw the waves and was afraid.”

The book ends with Jesus telling Peter, “Didn’t you know I could help you?” I believe that Jesus tells us the same thing today and every day. When we are feeling overwhelmed with storms and trials that come our way, we are drawn to something or better yet, someone who can help. Though the waves look high and the winds might be trying to take us out, we have to remember that Jesus is our anchor. Knowing him personally allows us to face our challenges with peace, knowing that we aren’t alone in the situation. If we turn our eyes to Jesus, we can exercise many amazing feats that allow us to come out safe on the other side with a testimony of God’s faithfulness in our lives.