Kudos To Elgin Police Department

Kristie Hilton, who manages the Elgin Police Department’s Facebook page, put the invitation to use the lobby on the city’s page recently.

It reads: “Craigslist/Online Garage Sale Shoppers — if you want to meet with someone to exchange merchandise you’re purchasing on Craigslist or through an online garage sale, you are welcome to have your transaction occur at the Elgin Police Department. Our lobby is open 24/7. This opportunity may reduce unscrupulous or dangerous opportunities for criminals.

You can find out more about this article here at the Elgin Courier news. http://couriernews.suntimes.com/2014/07/13/take-sale-epd-lobby/

Our Mission Is To Pray For Elgin

Part of Elgin City Church’s mission is to support, pray and act in the best interest and betterment of our city. From time to time we will offer up useful information to our community to fulfill our role in making Elgin a better place to live.

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