I get it, life has become…well tough. I recently went through a long, cold season of discouragement and disappointment. The people who I though would support me didn’t, and I even had a few people kick sand in my face. It was tempting to withdraw and allow the river of life in my heart to dry up and become bitter. I became irritable and even a bit sharp and angry with people that I love. Sound familiar?

Until something shifted on the inside.

I began to realize that God was on my side, that he loved me even in my discouraging moments. Even when people had failed me, I reached out to the one who had never failed me. Had he been silent before, sure. But he had never left me hanging and always came through. God loves us enough to accept us as we are, but he loves us enough to not let us stay there. There was a moment in my weakness that I realized that it’s ok to feel the way I feel, but it was not ok to stay there. That is where my breakthrough began.

To reach the place of living you know you deserve and want there is only one question that matters: “How bad do you want it?” Are you willing to let go of the past, the rejection and hurtful things life throws at you or are you choosing to stay in a place of despair and depression? Sometimes it seems comfortable to stay where we are. But we are missing out on so much more that God has for us. The abundant life he promises.

My breakthrough came when I made a quality decision in my heart to not stay the same. I acknowledged my pain and made the decision to move on and enjoy the life that God has destined for me to live. Are you in a place ready for a breakthrough? I know that if you reach out to Him, God will never let you down. “How bad do you want Him?”


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