Elgin Food PantryElgin, Illinois-Wed, January 28 2015

A new church in Elgin is giving away food baskets to help those going through a rough patch. “Sometimes you just need a few extras to get you through the month.” says, Elgin City Church Pastor Rusty Wimberly. On the first Sunday of every month, instead of providing full meals, the church will be providing those who come visit with a bag or baskets of the essentials of bread, milk and eggs. “It’s not much, but its the least our small faith community can do to help the citizens of Elgin. Everyone always ramps up their generosity during the holidays, but what about after Thanksgiving and Christmas? Families need help throughout the whole year too.”

Elgin City Church has been meeting at the Blue Box Cafe in downtown Elgin since the 4th of January every Sunday at 11:00 am. Their services consist of music, fellowship and a teaching from the Bible. The vision for Elgin City Church is to be a connection source and a place where people can build relationships with each other and grow in their relationship to God. One of the hallmarks of the church is its focus on reaching out and building bridges with the Elgin community.

This isn’t Rusty’s first go around. The 38, year old new pastor has been involved in church leadership for over 10 years in various roles. “I have served both as a youth leader and on church leadership teams throughout Chicago, so I have a strong passion to reach those who are hurting and struggling with life.” But this initiative isn’t so much centered around one person as it is around the Elgin community. According to the City Data website about Elgin citizens, the average per capita income of a citizen in Elgin is only $22,676. This puts a household of 4 at the national poverty line according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. Rusty believes that it’s the churche’s responsibility to help those in need and not just during the holiday season.

There are also other faith based initiatives in Elgin that are helping the poor and those in need. Here are a list of community services that are doing great things to help the citizens of Elgin:

Elgin Food Pantry http://salarmychicago.org/elgin/
Elgin Homeless Shelter: http://www.padsofelgin.org/
Elgin Soup Kitchens http://www.foodforgreaterelgin.org/get-help/kitchens/
Elgin Street Reach Program

If you are going through a rough patch and just need a few extras, visit Elgin City Church this Sunday, Feb 1st at 11:00am to get your free food basket after the service. They are located at the Blue Box Cafe (176 E. Chicago St.) in downtown Elgin or you can call the church office at 630-318-6057. Please share this article with someone you know could use a helping hand or some extra food in the pantry.

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