Elgin City Church At Elgin Ribfest!

Elgin City Church At Elgin Ribfest! We are happy to announce that Elgin City Church will be hanging out with the folks at Elgin Ribfest on Saturday and Sunday, June 14-15. Elgin City Church will be sponsoring a 16’Lx16’Wx15’H Bouncy Cas... read more

Alive: Discovering The True Meaning of Life

Join us on the 2nd and 4th Thursday night as we begin our new series titled: Alive: Discovering The True Meaning of Life. What is the meaning of life you ask? This is a relevant question every person asks at one point in their life. Why are we here? Where... read more

Elgin Police Offer Safe Place

Kudos To Elgin Police Department Kristie Hilton, who manages the Elgin Police Department’s Facebook page, put the invitation to use the lobby on the city’s page recently. It reads: “Craigslist/Online Garage Sale Shoppers — if you want to meet with... read more

Our Values: What It Means To Be Missional

Being A Missional Church In Elgin One of the many values we hold dear at Elgin City Church is the idea of being “missional”. Being missional is a buzz word in many churches these days, but there is nothing sexy about being missional. Often tim... read more

Moving To Elgin Illinois

Moving To Elgin Whether you are renting or buying a new home, moving from a place you’re familiar with to Elgin, Illinois can be uncomfortable. Not only are you transitioning from the familiar way of life you were used to in your old location, now y... read more

Marriage Officiant Serving Elgin IL

Looking for a marriage officiant to do your wedding? Not finding exactly what you’re looking for?  Glad you found me here. My name is Pastor Rusty and I’m the pastor of Elgin City Church, a new church located in Elgin, Illinois. I love weddin... read more

Church To Give Away Monthly Food Baskets

Elgin, Illinois-Wed, January 28 2015 A new church in Elgin is giving away food baskets to help those going through a rough patch. “Sometimes you just need a few extras to get you through the month.” says, Elgin City Church Pastor Rusty Wimberl... read more

Finding An Apartment In Elgin

Finding An Apartment In Elgin Elgin is a great place to find an apartment. As you do your search, you’ll find that Elgin has plenty of affordable living options with plenty of amenities and city resources to help you make your moving transition as c... read more

Elgin City Church Moves Into Elgin ArtSpace Lofts

We wanted to take the opportunity to announce that Elgin City Church is officially moving into the Elgin ArtSpace Loft space! First off, BIG shout out to Blue Box Cafe for hosting our church meetings since January. There has been huge breakthrough in our ... read more