Lessons Learned From Church Planting

So I took a few weeks off from blogging, but I wanted to continue the second part of the previous post on lessons I learned from church planting. Missionary work, from my perspective, is probably the single most difficult job on the face of the earth, yet... read more

What Are “City Groups”?

Elgin City Church’s City Groups are the primary means for pastoral care, deep relationships, resourcing, discipleship, accountability, mentoring, mission, serving, and community. All are welcome: followers of Jesus, doubters, skeptics. Whether you ... read more

Our Values: What It Means To Be Missional

Being A Missional Church In Elgin One of the many values we hold dear at Elgin City Church is the idea of being “missional”. Being missional is a buzz word in many churches these days, but there is nothing sexy about being missional. Often tim... read more

Church To Give Away Monthly Food Baskets

Elgin, Illinois-Wed, January 28 2015 A new church in Elgin is giving away food baskets to help those going through a rough patch. “Sometimes you just need a few extras to get you through the month.” says, Elgin City Church Pastor Rusty Wimberl... read more

Elgin City Church Moves Into Elgin ArtSpace Lofts

We wanted to take the opportunity to announce that Elgin City Church is officially moving into the Elgin ArtSpace Loft space! First off, BIG shout out to Blue Box Cafe for hosting our church meetings since January. There has been huge breakthrough in our ... read more

5 Bible Apps You Should Be Using

Amazingly, many Christians are still Bible illiterate. In our visual culture of movies, Youtube, music and television, it seems as though people just don’t find time (or make time) to read anymore. Reading our Bible is one of the essential habits we... read more

Worship Night 7.25.15 Social Interest

Thinking about visiting Elgin City Church to find out more information? Our upcoming worship night on 7.25.15 would be the perfect opportunity for you and your family to join us for some food, worship and hear a bit about what we are up to! Come and meet ... read more

A Fresh Expression of Church In Elgin

I remember it as clear as day. A summer after work, I pulled around the usual corner to my block to find it blocked off with fire trucks and ambulances. Fear grips my heart as I begin to wonder if they are there at MY house on St. John St. I parked my car... read more