Lessons Learned From Church Planting

So I took a few weeks off from blogging, but I wanted to continue the second part of the previous post on lessons I learned from church planting. Missionary work, from my perspective, is probably the single most difficult job on the face of the earth, yet... read more

What Are “City Groups”?

Elgin City Church’s City Groups are the primary means for pastoral care, deep relationships, resourcing, discipleship, accountability, mentoring, mission, serving, and community. All are welcome: followers of Jesus, doubters, skeptics. Whether you ... read more

Monthly Preview Services

Monthly Preview Services Come check out our MONTHLY PREVIEW SERVICES and experience what we’re all about – connecting people to God and one another through Jesus. •Worship is in an intimate setting. •Message always relevant. •Dress is ca... read more

Our Mission and Vision

OUR MISSON: Elgin City Church is a new church in Elgin, Illinois that is connecting the unconnected. We exist to connect those that are far from God, back to relationship with God through Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 2:10) We also, exist to connect one another ... read more

New Church Meets at the Elgin Centre

Our newly forming church is now meeting on the 2nd and 4th Thursday night at the Elgin Centre in downtown Elgin. Meetings are scheduled throughout the summer and on a ongoing basis at 7 p.m. and will go until 8:30 or 9. “We are a new church that is ... read more

Everday Supernatural People

Most people in Elgin aren’t interested in church. What if we got away from churchianity and got closer to Jesus followers? For too long the church has put on polished, performances that have not represented Christ the way that He should be. Instead ... read more

Elgin City Church At Elgin Ribfest!

Elgin City Church At Elgin Ribfest! We are happy to announce that Elgin City Church will be hanging out with the folks at Elgin Ribfest on Saturday and Sunday, June 14-15. Elgin City Church will be sponsoring a 16’Lx16’Wx15’H Bouncy Cas... read more

Alive: Discovering The True Meaning of Life

Join us on the 2nd and 4th Thursday night as we begin our new series titled: Alive: Discovering The True Meaning of Life. What is the meaning of life you ask? This is a relevant question every person asks at one point in their life. Why are we here? Where... read more

Elgin Police Offer Safe Place

Kudos To Elgin Police Department Kristie Hilton, who manages the Elgin Police Department’s Facebook page, put the invitation to use the lobby on the city’s page recently. It reads: “Craigslist/Online Garage Sale Shoppers — if you want to meet with... read more

Our Values: What It Means To Be Missional

Being A Missional Church In Elgin One of the many values we hold dear at Elgin City Church is the idea of being “missional”. Being missional is a buzz word in many churches these days, but there is nothing sexy about being missional. Often tim... read more