Why A New Church?

The church has always had a presence in our community and should play a vibrant role in our cities culture. Sadly, based on research, the church seems to be in decline in America. In a 2002 survey of 1,159 U.S. churches, Thomas Rainer, a well known church researcher, found that only 6% of the churches were growing — he defines growth as not only increasing in attendance, but also increasing at a pace faster than its community’s population growth rate. “Stated inversely, 94% of our churches are losing ground in the communities they serve,” he says.”

There is a new story being written in the Elgin area. There is a spectacular religious history in our city and we seek to revive our faith community and reach people with the love of Jesus. Within this story is a chapter called Elgin City Church and it begins with a dream:

      • A dream where people become members of a spiritual family, not a number on a roll sheet. 
      • A dream of a place where you are listened to, more than talked at.
      • A dream of a safe place for people to explore their faith and grow spiritually.
      • A dream of a church where you can actually understand what they are talking about because the messages are relevant, applicable and true to what the Bible teaches.
      • A dream where you can come to church and not feel like an outsider.
      • A dream where church is more than a place you go, but a also a community of people living out their faith together daily.
      • A dream where people are equipped for ministry and service for the betterment of our city and in all areas of life and in the world.
      • A dream where the work of the Holy Spirit is a present day reality, not just theory.

We hope that our presence strengthens the ministry of other churches around us as we seek to call all people to the Good News of Jesus.